Aerial Silks L3

In this class students will review and refine their Level 1 vocabulary, making further gains in stamina and strength to climb higher and work on more challenging positions in the silks. Get ready for all those straddle-ups, knee-hooks, foot knots, and leg-locks pave the way to fun and exciting new skills! As you broaden your repertoire of aerial tricks and start to work on more involved sequences, please consider bringing a notebook to record new material. Video recording is allowed for personal study only.

Requires completion of Aerial Silks 1 or permission of instructor.Students must be able to climb, invert from the ground without assistance, perform a figure-8 footlock, and perform sequences of at least 3 skills without coming to the floor.

$180 for 6 week session. Session must be paid for in full by the first day of class.

Click here see the ULI West County aerial silks page for session dates and times.

Click here see the ULI Downtown aerial silks page for session dates and times.


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