Academic Formation

- 2012 – (current) Gymnastics with Charles Miller

- 2012 two month-long workshops with Lisa Natoli of Lisa’sBrightIdeas

- 2011 – (current) semiannual workshops with Elsie Smith and Serenity Smith-Forchion at NECCA for “Advanced Aerial Teacher Training”.

- 2007 – (current) semiannual workshops with Elsie Smith and Serenity Smith-Forchion at NECCA with a focus in trapeze and aerial silks.

- 2005 – 2012 aerial classes with Joelle Pendergrass at Bumbershoot Aerial Arts. With a focus on aerial silks, spinning hoop, stationary trapeze, and rope.

- 2009 to 2011 stretching and contortion classes with coach Rosa Yagansetseeg

- 2009 to 2011 handstands and tumbling classes with Monté Carlo silver medal winner Sasha Nievidonski

- 2010-2012 Ballet at Webster University

- 2011 two week-long workshop with Sarah Poole (tissue, contortion), Kevin O’Connor (rope), Terry Crane (rope).  Also, one weekend workshop with Michael Lamphere of ENC (straps).

- 2005-2009 Classes at Circus Day Foundation and Circus Harmony. General circus arts, equilibristics (rolla bolla, tight wire, rolling globe), tumbling, physical comedy, contortion, hand balancing. Aerial silks with Monica Newsam, and trapeze with Joelle Pendergrass.

- 2005-2009 bi-annual Workshops with Carrie Heller and pre-professional circus program at Circus Day Foundation

- 2007 week-long workshop during AYCO at Gamma Phi Circus in German Wheel, unicycling, physical comedy, hand balancing, and equilibristics.

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