Open Aerial Practice

West County Upper Limits

During open aerial, students with previous aerial experience (at least one session of Aerial Silks, Trapeze, or Lyra) are welcome to practice and perfect skills they have learned in class.
This is a great time to hone your skills, troubleshoot, ask for advice, strength train, and stretch.
For safety reasons, there will be no teaching allowed amongst students.  There will be an instructor on duty so feel free to ask if you need spotting.
To reduce the risk of injury, please be prepared to do a solo warmup & stretch before climbing on equipment.
Please wear appropriate workout clothing (exercise pants/yoga pants that cover the backs of the knees, no pants with zippers, no shoes). Shirts that can be tucked in are recommended!

Drop-Ins are welcome

Check here to see current OA schedule. OA is currently held at West County Upper Limits only.

Free to Upper Limits Members, $5 for non-members

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